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Apps Galore

My character dossier would use these apps that I have here. She will always need a calculator to do huge number math problems when dealing with dealers. She will also need her bank app to check her balances. She also has a social folder which includes all her social apps …

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Where’s My Phone?

Apps Galore (3 Stars)


For this assignment, I assumed that smartphones could actually be a thing in the 1950s because I felt this assignment sounded like a lot of fun, even though it doesn’t entirely fit into the time period of Sarah Mustard. I really enjoyed picking out the …

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Veronica’s Phone

3 Stars

Although the idea of an iPhone, or any mobile cell phone, in 1940s was far in the future the apps on Veronica’s phone portray her time period. For starters Veronica loves New York City and one day dreams of living in the “Big Apple”. So as her cell …

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