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And I Related It to MSDOS Games

For 3 stars this week, I completed the Cartoon You assignment, including Emily Bostaph’s Cecilia Alva in the process, since Donnie is in contact with her regarding her late husband’s death.

I took a pixel art approach, similar to Code Monkeys, to delve deeper into GIMP.

As for my …

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Folami Cartoon

For this assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I created a cartoon image of my character, Folami. In the image, Ami is tall and intimidating, with high cheekbones and a rather androgynous wardrobe. She is smoking a cigarette, in typical noir fashion. The light gradient and soft purple colors stand in …

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Me as a Cartoon

Cartoon You: 3 1/2 points

For my 4th assignment to reach the 12 star minimum, i decided to make myself into a cartoon. Here i found a picture of me from a project my sophomore year. I then went onto and changed my self into a cartoon. Below is …

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Donnie’s Gone Dotty

Seeing as the Cartoon You assignment was so simple, I decided to include 2 pictures this time.

I opened up each picture in GIMP, found the Filters tab, traced down to Artistic, and found the Cartoon effect.  I used the provided sliders and retro-fied Donnie…twice. I really like the one, …

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Jota as a Cartoon?

I had to remake myself into a cartoon character for this design assignment.

I took a selfie and opened up a drawing app on my iPad, proceeding to upload the photo I had just taken. With my fingers, I drew over my face with appropriate shades and colors. I used …

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