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For this assignment (worth four points), I had to design a lyric typography poster. I chose to use this to express the dynamic between Ami and Sebastian Crane, an assertive and powerful ex-lover. I used Photoshop to combine text and images. Concepts from the Vignelli Canon like using …

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Lyrical Typography

Another assignment that I completed was called Lyric Typography Poster worth 4 stars. This assignment asked us to make a typography using our favorite lyrics. I just took some lyrics out of the song I was listening to when I was doing this homework (Me Against the World by 2Pac). …

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What a tramp.

That’s why the lady is a tramp!

For this 4 star assignment, I made a typographic poster of The Lady is a Tramp sung by Frank Sinatra and many others. I had already established that Delia idolized Frank in this post, and I thought that this song would be …

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