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Heres a little invoice for ya

For this design assignment I had to create an invoice for someone else and I decided to do mine using Amanda Layton’s character Sylvia Stone. I based it off my character helping ruin a mans life for Sylvia since she does not really do all that killing business. I seduced …

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How a Reporter Must Feel . . .

Out on Assignment . . .

Assignments, Assignments, Assignments!!!!

We had to complete 10 Stars this week in the Assignment Bank . . . what made this even more fun was that we could choose our own and collaborate with another to complete them.

Brenda and I decided to collaborate …

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Design an Invoice (3 stars)

Create an invoice for a transaction that has happened in a film, TV series, etc. For example, Boba fett’s invoice to Jabba the Hutt for capturing Han Solo.

Story Behind the Story

This assignment was dedicated to my character Stella Vaughn. With this …

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