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Detective Longs

Concussions and Online Class: Take 1

Well this was a crazy week, due to the fact I got a concussion falling out of a tree trying to find noir cat, i’ve been very limited to what I am allowed to be doing when it comes to work and things. I also cannot look at computers for …

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Happy Easter! Or Happy Week 11..That Too.

This week we had to do ten comments yet again and I have to say I love this part because I get to see what kind of crazy things my fellow characters are up to, but it is pretty hard when everyone waits until the last minute to submit their …

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Saving My Man

Today my job was to get this poor guy out of his little situation he’s in. I used a fishing pole because even though I live in the city and there really isn’t any place to go fishing, I enjoy it because it takes up my time trying to fix …

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Who Am I?

If there is one thing I have never loved to do, it would be talking in front of people or talking to them. I also love going against the law because of my job and I feel as though I can really do anything that I want to. For that …

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Taking On My Passion

Today, the daily create was to start a conversation with a complete stranger. Since I am on high watch after the recent release of our video about our Russian Mafia bust, I commented as my alter ego, the cheerleader! This post inspired me to comment because it is really easy …

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Where Does Longs Hide Out?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about where I live and what not. Well truth be told, I don’t actually have a house, I just have a ton of places where I hide out in order to lay low and stay away from the chaos. The daily create for …

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Do It Go To It, Daily Creates, Lets Do It!

For one daily create this week we had to create finger print art. Since i’ve become really soft and feeling based, I ended up creating a heart and a flower with the finger paint. Who knew I even had a heart though? Of course the flower is blue because no …

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After reading this post asking if we wanted to work alone or in a group..well without doubt and how much we loved working together, I am hoping to not only work with a group again, but the Tune Squad again because it makes everything more fun and exciting and makes …

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Tune Squad Take Two..

Well, the tune squad is at it again coming to you live from The University of Mary Washington. In this series we take on the Russian  Mafia in a series of funny events occurring on campus.

From dancing around in a umbrella hat to a Blue’s Clue’s song, to find …

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