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Daily Create-3-24-2015

This daily create was to draw a picture in 15 seconds of Batman.  I looked at a lot of pictures people have drawn and all I can say is I must draw really slow.  Here is my lame Batman Head.

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Daily Create- 3-11-2015

For this daily create we had to do an abstract drawing of something that made us happy last week.  I went to visit my mom last week in Florida, she was feeling bad and I went to try to cheer her up.  It was a very depressing visit, but the …

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Daily Create 2-26-2015

The third daily create I did was to draw a spaceship.  I’m not a very good artist but I enjoyed it.  I gave it venetian blinds just to make it a DS106 Noir Spaceship.  I also made it exactly the same on both sides so you can’t tell which side …

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