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DS106 Assignments

Daily Create: Tree Art

Tree Art … I didn’t even know that was a thing but apparently when it comes to this strangely satisfying class known as DS106, anything and everything is a “thing”.

I have always been one to love a good challenge (one of the few things I do love), but I …

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Video Essay: Character is Key.

The key to any good noir film is the key character types that are found within them. Throughout these weeks we have become familiar with tropes such as the Hardboiled Detective, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold, etcetera, and Alfred Hitchcock nails the classic femme fatale in his 1946 …

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Donnie & Bas & the Beloved Beach Bash.

This two-star video assignment relates to Janelle’s’ character, Sebastian Crane … clearly I’m #InsaneintheMemCRANE, since this is the second assignment I’ve done with him! He’s just so wonderful :).

Though Sebastian is a keep-to-himself/show-no-emotions kind of guy, I can somehow picture him late at night, in his swanky apartment, bathed …

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Dublin with Dad.

It has been nagging at me for going on 10 years! Though I am probably no more than about 2 percent Irish, my desire to travel there has been growing more and more fervent the further away I am.

My dad shared with me his love for music since the …

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Who talks on the phone anymore?

Who Called? (4 stars)

Record you self making a phone call as if you were a character off of the wire. The phone call has to be to another character from the wire. You can even make it a three way or four way call. You phone call can even …

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Dear Blair…

Postcards from Magical Places (3 Stars)

Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics.

The fornt should use graphic design elements that provide a sense …

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