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DS106: My Portfolio

The Gist Through a GIF: Digitally Capturing the Essence of DS106.

Also Known as “An Open-Letter to Current and Future DS106 Students”:

As the semester commences, or rather, as you’ve accidentally blinked and suddenly find yourself wondering where the heck it went, you will undoubtedly begin to realize that DS106 is NOT just any ordinary three-credit class. I’m sure you, like …

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Up Up Up.


Never ever thought I’d be able to craft such utter beauty.

I can’t even think of anything else to say other than this class is bringing out the wonderfulness in me and I never expected this in a million years.

I did not really think I would do well …

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Photo Safari: “Adventure is Out There!”

It was really awesome knowing that some of my previous photography work fit perfectly into not only the requirements for this week’s Photo Safari assignment but also  in telling the story and backstory of my character, Cat Loveless. The first two photos really answer the question “Where in the World …

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