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Isabelle McIntosh-Storify

I picked this 2 Star project in order to give the background of my character.  I thought it was an excellent way to develop her character.  I used Storify and I illustrated it with pictures I have posted on Flickr.   I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work.  Here …

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Organizing an “Agency”

I decided to work with George Bozzo (Barbara Hall) on the final unit project.  I believe we can create a great Agency and we have the ability to work together closely and I think that will help.  We think a lot a like and I think we can do an …

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The Pug and the Horse

This is the “Once Upon a Time…..The End” prompt. The words I got were liquid, sadness, autopsy, hoofs, federation, finger, forest, hospital, crossfire and periodic.

One night, a fawn pug had gotten out of the his master’s house and my now roaming the dark forest. He was sniffing a large …

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Hello Everyone! #ds106

Hi, My name is Kassia Rivera. I’m an Anthropology major and a Digital Studies minor. I love studying different cultures and how people interact with each other. I’m excited for this class!

Here is me and my friends on one of the snow days last year.

This is a song …

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