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DS106 Radio Show

Team Noirpaca Signing Off.

Radio Week was a whirlwind of all sorts of experiences, both new and familiar.

The most familiar aspect of our Radio Show project was doing group work, which I tend to slightly despise, not even exaggerating. However, I was lucky enough to have an enthusiastic group that was equal parts …

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Week Seven’s End ft. Vixen’s Ventures: The Final Cut!

Grab your fancy dresses and tuxes and your best wannabe-model strut, boys and girls, ’cause premiere day is here! I present to you at last, the long-awaited completion of Vixen’s Ventures!

It was a bit rough getting everyone on the same wavelength, especially once Spring Break arrived and we were …

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Spoiler Alerts with Grant Grayson.

Allow Grant Grayson, dedicated reporter and photographer of The Pinnacle Point, to paint you a picture as you prepare to enter the worlds-colliding of Cat, Delia, Bonnie, Cleo, and John and join the crazy happenings of the coolest hotspot in town, Cat’s Cove.

Upon entering the hottest club in …

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Radio Show Brainstorm: SUPERNoir!

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my fellow classmates, the world of superheroes, and my newly acquired knowledge about the world of film noir and was doing a bit of midnight musing.

Something I am interested in exploring in the coming weeks is the style of noir and …

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