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DS106: The Daily Create

Cat’s Creates: Spades and Arrows.

For someone who keeps her profile under wraps and makes valiant efforts to stay anonymous while simultaneously being under intense public scrutiny, I can imagine that the release of this enticing novel by well-known local writer Grant Grayson is the Vixen Vigilante’s worst nightmare.

I happen to know Grant fairly …

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Cat’s Creates: Conversation With A Stranger

Disclaimer: All photography and granny creds go to Humans of New York. I simple took creative liberty, like these Daily Creates tend to have us do.

Take the time to talk to a stranger. You never know how it might impact your life.

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Daily Create: Tree Art

Tree Art … I didn’t even know that was a thing but apparently when it comes to this strangely satisfying class known as DS106, anything and everything is a “thing”.

I have always been one to love a good challenge (one of the few things I do love), but I …

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Daily Create: Muggle-Born, Gryffindor Proud.

Summers and summers ago when I was feeling lonely and a little bit blue, I decided to combat my haze-y daze by channeling my inner Marilyn and having an impromptu photoshoot in my kitchen. The caption under the Instagram collage that I posted that day reads one of my favorite …

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