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DS106 Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Vixen’s Ventures in Full Swing.

Wow, an easy week in DS106! … Who knew those existed?!?? I can’t talk; I’ve only been at this for a mere two weeks, but I know that my cohort DeLovely Ames has been waiting for one since what may as well have been forever.

Anyway, here’s what was accomplished …

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Weekly Summary and an Upset Tummy.

Yup, it’s been one of the weeks. I think given this crazy up-and-down weather and the even crazier amounts of homework I have that just never seem to get done, my body is kinda rebelling against me, pounding its fists down on the table as it shouts, “We want sleep! …

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Week Seven’s End ft. Vixen’s Ventures: The Final Cut!

Grab your fancy dresses and tuxes and your best wannabe-model strut, boys and girls, ’cause premiere day is here! I present to you at last, the long-awaited completion of Vixen’s Ventures!

It was a bit rough getting everyone on the same wavelength, especially once Spring Break arrived and we were …

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Week in Review: The Great Escape.

This week was the first in which I had to balance my Digital Storytelling life and my actual life.

Because even though DS106 is for life, it’s really, really important to make sure you have a life outside of Digital Storytelling as well. I’m sure most of you do, but …

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