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Weather’s A Real Pain In The Ass

Today’s daily crate was about writing a poem about the weather. Specifically, rain. Oh, would you look at that! It’s raining out side today. ALL DAY.

Rain, Rain,
I see you’ve come again.
Knocking on my window panes,
Messing up road lanes.

Rain, Rain,
Thanks a lot for being a …

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Tweet Along Home Kiddies

Aight so I listened to the noir radio “Dinner at 6″ Thursday night…. the general premise of the show is like the game, Clue. There were a bunch of characters and their host was killed- so the group is trapped and has to find the killer among them.

It’s weird- …

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Endings Are For Losers

Tis time for the final reflection for the radio show project.

Listening to the show live was INCREDIBLY weird and a little stressful… mainly because I didn’t know if people would like our show. It looks like not too many people tuned in, which makes sense as it was St. …

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Mhm Mhm Yes, Let Me Tell You What I Think

I tuned in to ds106 radio on Thursday night at 9pm to listen in on “Noir Not the Father”. The main premise of the show was that two spurned lovers of a dead woman were caught in a paternity battle over the unborn child. In a twist, turns out the …

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Where in the World is Veronique Absinthe

I keep alluding to what Victoire has been up to in the past, and where she’s been, but I’ve never actually spelled out a couple of the places she’s seen. For this assignment I created a story map with google to trace a couple of places she’s been. The program …

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Wanna Play A Game?

 Victoire Absinthe, like many of us, find the movies to be a place to forget everyday worries and woes. This movie is one of her favorites. It soothes her, in a strange way. She’s often thought about why such a film would soothe her. And then she realized. The sloppiness…

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