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Team Noirpaca Signing Off.

Radio Week was a whirlwind of all sorts of experiences, both new and familiar.

The most familiar aspect of our Radio Show project was doing group work, which I tend to slightly despise, not even exaggerating. However, I was lucky enough to have an enthusiastic group that was equal parts …

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Heard it On the Radio: Get A Clue!

This week I decided to tune into to the radio show “Get A Clue” since Team Noirpaca and the Clue-sters originally had similar inspiration for their radio shows!

The premise was very well planned out, staying true to the “whodunnit” theme revolving around the revelation of who killed Lawrence Spitler …

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Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along

This week I listened to the radio shows that aired Thursday night. They were “Dinner Party At 6″ and “The Noir Buzz.”

“Dinner Party At 6″
This show was based off of the idea of the game and the movie “Clue.” As soon as I figured out that it was, …

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Radio Review: ‘Dinner Party at 6?

Tonights ds106radio show, “Dinner Party at 6,” was a very unique retelling of Clue, the Movie with a ton of noir additions that really spiced up the action. Overall, I thought the show was funny, compelling, and extremely well done. The large number of people in the group surely made …

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The Tune Squad radiolisten

I listened along to The Tune Squad’s radio show and commented on Twitter using the #noir106 hashtag. Their show premiered Monday the 16th right after my radio show, Inside Talking. If I remember correctly, they made an alternate ending to a noir piece we worked on earlier in the semester, …

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“Noirchat” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Well I have some nice time away from missions this week, and so I decided to watch the NOIR106 Week 9 video and see if I could catch up on some hijinks, just for fun. Paul and Martha and Jim talked a whole lot about …

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DS106 Radio Listen Along

On Thursday, I listened to DS106 Radio and it was awesome! The two groups that were on were “NOIR not the father” and “NOIRTalk.”

I’ll start off with “NOIRTalk.” This show was intriguing in a totally different way. This group changed the pace of the radio shows by bringing in …

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