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Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity

How does space help frame the design and style of noir in this films? Space helped frame the design and style of noir in the film simply by emphasizing the framework of what was being seen. The places in which traumatic events occurred highlighted noir. What design elements of noir …

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Space in film

In the movie “The Big Lebowski” it was easy to see how this movie related to the noir theme and the city of Los Angeles’ environment. This film depicts the 1990s perfectly. One thing noticeable throughout the movie is the sense of being dirty. The mans apartment is nasty and …

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It could be worse…it could be raining.

This week were asked to watch one of three choices of movies. I chose to examine Blade Runner and how the film incorporates elements of noir. The directions were to examine, “how the space helps frame the design and style of noir in these films.”

Blade runner is mostly shot …

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Mark It Zero! Mark It Zero!

I chose The Big Lebowski for this week’s “required” movies to watch–I’ll gladly watch it any time. It’s one of my favorite movies, and one I’ve been familiar with since its release. I used to go bowling regularly with some friends from work, so it was a shared interest among …

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Blade Runner: 2019 or 1920?

I had previously seen Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner a while ago so this was particularly exciting for me.  Rather than watching and paying attention to both the movie and the noir design elements I was able to strictly focus on the cinematography and made this assignment much more enjoyable.  I …

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Double Indemnity

This week we had to watch one of three possible movies. I decided to watch “Double Indemnity” by Billy Wilder. Here are the questions we were given to consider while watching:
How does space help frame the design and style of noir in these films?
What design elements of noir …

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Another noir movie

I watched Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity. Just to start off I want to say that it was rather boring and it may have been because it was in black and white or it may have just been a boring movie. Something that I found really interesting though was a part …

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Double Indemnity Reflection

This week I chose to watch Double Indemnity by Billy Wilder in 1944. I chose this because I was interested in seeing the design that was put in place in this time period. The setting was in Los Angeles in the 1940’s. The space created a dark, old theme for …

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Environments in film noir

Historically, noir usually takes place in a specific setting.  It is often set in the mid-1900s, even when it is made in other times.  And it almost always takes place within a city, mostly famously in L.A.  All three of the movies, Double Indemnity, The Big Lebowski, and Blade Runner, …

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