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Final Unit

How Many Times Can You Say Tecolotito in a Row?

NSNP has been crazy busy this week.

On Wednesday, we travelled to Harrison, Idaho in order to clean up a mess that was left by an anonymous caller. We packed up the van, and road tripped out there. What we saw when we got there? Well. A lot of blood. …

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NNTF beocmes NSNP

Well. I already posted all this stuff about our agency, but I haven’t even told you guys what that agency is. My bad. Anyway. Stella, Mick, Billy, Jack and I have created the agency: No Stain, No Problem. Basically, in Lehman’s terms, we’re a cleaning agency. We clean up any …

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How Am I Not Sick of You People Yet?

You know, ever since the recording of NNTF…we have seem to become a dysfunctional family of murderers, baby daddies, alcoholics, thirsty bitches, and nosy brats. Stella continues to invite us onto NNTF, knowing secrets will come out. Jack keeps showing up, even though he is irrelevant to anything. Billy and …

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