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Panel Discussion Reflection: How it Works

The panel that discussed “How It Works” touched on how the internet literally works. In class we discussed the architecture of the internet, what powers the internet, and how the internet came to be how it is today. More so, this discussion went into depth on what the internet encompasses. …

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Panel Discussion Week 2: How it Works

HEY Y’ALL! This is panel discussion week 2 on ‘How it Works’. This week we will discuss the basis on how the internet works. Each of us will gear towards a specific topic in relation to the internet. Things we will discuss will primarily be about what we use everyday …

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What is the Internet?

I’m sure we all can relate to this video.. This was literally everyone the first day of class (just in kid form lol). We should question ourselves after each week of class : What is the internet? How does the internet work? What can you do with the internet? Why …

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A Brief History of Search Engines and How It Works

I found this video very entertaining and easily understandable. It hits all the key points on how search engines came about and what it makes up today.   To go more into detail with how search engines (specifically Google) work. The following video details the steps and procedures in doing …

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