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Daily Create 3/10/15: My Different Sides

I used photoshop to create this composite self portrait.

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Create Your Own Magic Cards

four stars:

So I am a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering. I have many cards and still play regularly, as do many of my friends. So I was super psyched to see that there was an assignment where we get to create our own. I made four cards, all …

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Noir106 photo safari

I’m participating as much as I have time to in #noir106, the ds106 iteration for this term, focused on noir writing, radio, film, etc. For week 3 (yeah, a couple of weeks ago…I’m behind) we were asked to do a noir photo safari:


I kept meaning to do …

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DesignBlitz: Signs

This week we were asked to do a “designblitz” where we take pictures of ads, signs, etc. that illustrate principals/elements of visual design. So, in the spirit of noir, I took to the streets one cold, rainy night (Monday) to see how businesses use signs and lights to reach through …

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Back to Basics

Back to Basics visual assignment. Two stars.


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Noir Photo Safari

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Here are the photos I took for the noir safari assignment, most of them shot in downtown Fredericksburg. Models are myself and my lovely friend Danielle. They display elements key to the noir style, including but not limited …

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