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Isabelle "Red" McIntosh

Organizing an “Agency”

I decided to work with George Bozzo (Barbara Hall) on the final unit project.  I believe we can create a great Agency and we have the ability to work together closely and I think that will help.  We think a lot a like and I think we can do an …

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Public Service Announcement-George Bozzo

This is a 5 star assignment to create a Public Service Announcement.  I used the emergency broadcast sounds that I downloaded from and I recorded the audio myself.  I used a fellow character in DS106 (George Bozzo) a known mobster and wanted to warn everyone about him.  I used …

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Video Assignment

This 5 star assignment was to put together a Montage of a person special to me.   Isabelle’s favorite author is Agatha Christie so that is who I did the montage on.  I used PowerPoint to put it together.  I did research on Agatha Christie in order to make it work.  …

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