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Jack Spencer


I felt that everyone should be able to see my credentials so I decided to upload my updated resume. I created this in Microsoft Word and used a template I had found online as a reference. I added my contact info, my skills (though I did limit it to just …

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Find Your Noir Lover

The show is all taped and ready to be broadcast! I must say that it really did have a good influence on me. I realized my true feelings for Serafina and got the courage to leave my wife. Melody is a lovely woman, just not the one for me. The …

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When I First Saw Her: Progress

Earlier this week when I was approached by the House of Noir to be on their new show “Find Yourself A Noir Lover” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Because of the House of Noir, I realized that I should leave my wife and pursue Serafina in …

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Practically Famous

Earlier this week I was approached by four interviewers who wanted to get a little more information about me before my appearance on “Find Yourself a Noir Lover”. The questions ranged from bizarre to extremely person. However, I decided I’d entertain them, after all I will need to be getting …

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Most Eligible Bachelor

House of Noir approach my personal assistant, Miranda Scott, earlier last week about featuring me in their new T.V. show, Find Yourself a Noir Lover. I graciously accepted their offer and had Miranda pencil them in. I’ve been very busy with our recent merger and haven’t had the time to …

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My Life My Way

House of Noir is back! For my video assignments this week I chose to do option 2, making a 15-30 minute short video with a group using our noir characters. The House of Noir got back together this week to complete this assignment for the next two weeks. We came …

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