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At Groom’s Mother House – #9

By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Rose and I were on our way to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her …

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We Are getting there- Week 12 Summary

This week we have been posting updates through all our sites and our agency site! We have been posting and updating things on Flickr, Twitter as well as our blogs.

Here are the updates from this weeks posts



We recently got a request …

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Comments Week 12

DS106 agencies are at the top of things! there are lots of things going on and many stories. Here are some of the posted I checked and commented in.

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Status Update 8: The man in the background

Whoever this person is seems to be toying around. He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom …

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Status Update 7: The meeting

It was all just a blur that night. My head was spinning after the performance… I don’t know what it was. Must’ve been what I ate from that Noir cuisine restaurant.. .. After I got done with the performance I met up with Sara Sparkle. We were able to break …

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More Clues

Whoever this person is!He seems to be toying around! :O He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! really creepy! mostly me since Rose doesn’t seem to be the target! My guess is that we’re on a …

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