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Layla Arkwood

Layla and Marcus I A Love Story

This assignment required us to tell a story through flashcards and I thought this would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into Layla’s thoughts on Marcus.



Marcus and I have a strange relationship. We will easily go from kissing each other to arguing about the “unfortunate” death …

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Layla Arkwood ~ I Am Me

This assignment was fun. I had to create a video that explained who I am or, well, who Layla Arkwood is. It was very nice filming everything and cutting them together. This was a more relaxed assignment and I actually enjoyed it.

I’m not completely dangerous. I mean, you should …

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Take Me To Church – A Music Video


I just wanted to crawl (or flip) into bed. Once again I chose to do a video for music but this assignment was different. It wanted an actual music video and I decided on incorporating my noir character and another. In all honesty I have no idea who else …

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Creating Your Own Card

I decided to make an I’m Sorry card from Layla to Damon because I was like “Why not?” This all happens some time after this but I don’t exactly know how or why. So there’s that. I wanted to make the card as childish as I could to show that …

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Choose Your Own Death

I was happy about this assignment. Not the whole dying part but, you know, the nostalgia. I also decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to incorporate my noir character and someone else’s. After looking through some character dossiers I decided on having the person who “died” to be …

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Dear Diary, From Layla Arkwood

This assignment involved writing a diary entry for a disney villain. However, I changed it to suit the Collaborative Character assignment we needed to do. Instead of a disney villain, it will be from my noir character, Layla Arkwood. This particular entry is a continuation of my group’s radio show

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Collab: Layla and Damon’s Warning Poster

This assignment required you to create a warning poster for anything. I decided to use this as a collaboration between Jonathan Polson’s noir character and my own. It is a slight continuation of my group’s radio show which can be found here. It ended with Damon and Layla escaping …

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