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Burtis Files: Week Five

Below is my video for this week. I entreat everyone to watch and help me to understand the evidence that I unearthed this week.

I’m also sharing the photos I revealed in the video, in case anyone wants to download them and do any additional analysis.

First, these two pictures …

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The Burtis Files: Week Four

I had to make this video pretty quickly in a secret locations at headquarters. I hope you can hear me okay. I responded to something that was released by one of my co-instructors today, but I also spent some time talking about how to improve your assignments posts, participation points, …

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Cutting Noir Corners

When you have been in this game as long as I have you get a little slow. No way I can keep up with the young operatives without cutting some corners.

We were asked to keep an eye on Davey Gordon a pug without much of a chin. I looked …

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Noir Photo Safari

As an open course participant – (I like to think of it more as my personalized learning path) – I am not following the Noir section assignments, but am taking advantage of being able to create my own learning path based on interests and choice. Here are some Noir inspired …

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