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Reflections on the Big Final Project

Throughout the course of this big project my rationale has stayed the same, even with all the obstacles and challenges I remained dedicated to making videogrep work on my pc and create a supercut. The primary challenge I faced was one of the risks I was initially aware of. Because …

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Manifesto Updated

When I initially wrote my manifesto, I was optimistic in my abilities, but maybe not as realistic as I should have been. At the beginning my goal was to learn and practice Python everyday so I would be able to make my own Twitter bot that would be somewhat interactive. …

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Make a conspiracy board

You know those conspiracy boards you see in the movies.  Well now you can make one for yourself!  Come up with a story.  It can be anything, but make sure it involves a conspiracy.  Then take all the people, places, and events in that story and make a picture of …

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Make some spooky dialogue

Start by recording your own voice.  You can say anything, but make it long enough to have interesting shifts throughout the clip.  I recommend using Audacity to do this, because its minimalist interface really streamlines the process of voice recording and editing.  Once you have your clip, select sections of …

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Assignment Ideas

My first assignment idea was an audio assignment where you put together an audio clip of you talking, but change it to make it spooky.

My second one is that you design any kind of conspiracy board.

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TDC Ideas

My first Daily Create idea that I submitted was to draw a circle, then expand outward on that circle to draw anything you can think of.

My second Daily Create was to photograph the next animal you see.  It can be anything from a pet to something random you see …

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Tutorials: Emotions Through Sound

For this assignment the main focus is audio and putting sounds together to send a particular message.  For this assignment I used audacity and a website called as the main source for all of the sound effects used.

In audacity each sound will be open as a new sound …

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