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Movie Reflection

So I googled “Killer’s Kiss” before watching it… just to get some background and the movie poster tagline is “Her soft mouth was the road to sin-smeared violence”………creepy……

The ending was amazing. It was very sappy predictable Hollywood but it’s such a classic moment. The whole movie being in black …

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Noir Cintematography

I started off the week, after reading about <photography>, by watching “Killer’s Kiss”.  Overall, I was rather disappointed with the movie.  It seemed like there was far too much downtime, with narration acting as a segue, to really “get” the important pieces of the story. As a result, I remember …

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Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

At the beginning of this week, we were supposed to watch 2 noir movies to get us in the mindset of visual storytelling with noir characteristics. Watching “Killer’s Kiss” was required and I chose to watch “He Walked By Night” along with it. Here’s the breakdown:

1. First up is …

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Can’t Buy A Cheap Purse in This Chinatown

Chinatown was a fantastic movie. I actually chose to watch this one because on Switched at Birth on Monday, Bay and Emmett went and saw it and were talking about Film Noir and I was like….. this is a sign that Chinatown is for me! I went into it without …

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One of our assignments this week was to “watch at least two of these movies and think about how the film is shot.” We had to think about, “how the cinematography captures the feelings and aesthetic of noir that we’ve been discussing so far?” and  “write a post in which …

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Noir Movie Stills

This post is for the assignment for reflecting on noir and visual storytelling. The film Killer’s Kiss has the noir aesthetics and feelings of being shot in dark rooms with limited lighting, the moodiness of a defeated boxer and a girl who has lost her family, and urban nightscapes of …

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He Walked by Night

I liked this movie.

This capture, I got because it was one where they were having a conversation in the car. The driver seems to be concentrating on what he is doing with a little bit of paying attention to the converstation. The continual lighting changes from the street lights, …

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Noir Likes the 1950’s

I decided to watch Killers Kiss and He Walked by Night for my two film climatology reviews. Both of these films had great examples of what I learned about photography and scene catching. Two examples are below of still captures that really attracted me to the  screen.

This picture from …

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Film Noir

The Killer’s Kiss:

I liked the way this film was narrated in a series of monologues. This added to the overall drama of the film. I also noticed that it dramatized everyday events such as in the opening scene when the man was feeding his fish. Elements that I found …

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