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It’s Been Real Week 6!

Week 6 has been a productive week!


Our group for the #NoirWeThereYet radio show has assembled, and we have made a lot of progress! We started off strong and got right to work.  Check out a post on our progress here!


One of my “group” assignments was to …

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A #NoirWeThereYet Poster

This ” #NoirWeThereYet” is just a tag that we (our radio show group) have been using to keep up with each other on Twitter regarding our radio show.  It is a way for us to stay public so that the professors may get involved if need be and is easier …

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#NoirWeThereYet Progress Report

#NoirWeThereYet is a tag/team name that we gave our group for the radio project.









NoirWeThereYet first came about on Twitter.  Back on February 5th, Spencer and I had ideas about getting into a group together.

@CallhimCWALK Indeed. I’ll publish my idea post …

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