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Imagination fuels the creation of beautiful ideas in our world today.


I could tell you how I rendered this photo, but a magician never reveals his own tricks. I may not be a magician, but telling you the process behind this photo would defeat its original purpose, so I …

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Catching Noir Fever….

Did this a few years ago – guess it is my Noir self-portrait. Maybe a little too smiley for Noir.

So I cropped it – which will probably work out better for avatar purposes.

And of course needed to add some cats! While black cats would be more Noir, the …

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Watch that first step out the door

Daily Create

tdc1121: Ruin-porn photography today
Andre Govia describes himself as “addicted to decay.” Try it today!


Feb 2, 2015 – working on things for ds106  and not able to get far because of snow. Any decay around the house is under a foot of white stuff! So I …

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Noir Photo Safari

As an open course participant – (I like to think of it more as my personalized learning path) – I am not following the Noir section assignments, but am taking advantage of being able to create my own learning path based on interests and choice. Here are some Noir inspired …

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Don’t Mind Me I’m Just Here For the Lighting…

Like a lot of people, I enjoy taking pictures.

Normally, my photos are usually of friends and family, as well as nature scenes. I wouldn’t at ANY length call myself a photographer, but one of those things that I would love to do is to take pictures for National Geographic. …

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