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Daily Create 4-3-2015

This Daily Create was to save Noddy.  I saved him and brought him to my house.  I think he liked it.  I used Gimp to do this.  I’m really trying to get used to this program.

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Daily Create 3-25-2015

This daily create was to make an inspirational poster.  My poster is a saying that I truly believe in.  It takes work, but things can be better.  I used PowerPoint to create my poster.

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Daily Create 3-23-2015

This Daily create was to take a selfie of your breakfast.  I did this with my cell phone and uploaded the picture to flickr.  Here is my Breakfast.

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Daily Create 3/19/2015

This daily create was to create blurry art.  I had a hard time getting my camera to do anything blurry.  This is a picture of my sons, the car was moving, they were moving and I finally got a blurry shot.

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