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Daily Creates

Created a daily create poem of two strangers. One male stranger tries to talk to another female stranger, but life got in the way. The poem is called “Waiting For The Bus”.

Cold and Wet.

Looking at his watch. Then stares at her.

She looks back, smiles at him.

He …

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His name is Marcus Jackson.

A tall, intelligent, and arrogant college student.

Marcus was in a bar watching his college football team. He had been invited to go, but decided to not go to live event. It doesn’t matter anyway. In a couple of week he will be kicked out of school. Into the unknown. …

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Marcus and the Tiger

Using the website, I got these 10 words:
Fiery predator jackknife defect modern arms bird harmonic distribution odd
My animal, Tiger.

Now onto the short story.

Marcus was walking through the Asian jungle in China. He was on a quest to find a harmonic bird so he can record it …

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Life as a Hammer

I have a headache.

Had one all my life. Just once you think the pain will going away, it comes back. Usually I would have to stare at my prey before I start beating the crap of it. I don’t why my prey always wants to pick a fight with …

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