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Radio Show Logo

This is the logo for our show “Inside Talking.” Brian made this awesome logo and got us off to a great start with our show. We have much more work to come from each of our group members. As I said in my summary our show will be in the …

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all about that font

get ready folks for this weeks thrilling episode of vixen ventures!

I made this title/logo image for our radio show. here’s one with just the font and no background if any of my group members want to use it for anything.










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Lexy Maratellos 2015-02-22 23:39:31

Radio Show Promo: the title of our radio show is Inside talking starring Lena Meyers. I think the black and white and plainness of the logo adds to the mystery of what the show will be about.

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Inside Talking Logo


Here is a logo that I have designed for our radio show Inside Talking. Since we decided to go down the route of hosting a talk show inspired by the Today Show, I thought it would be pretty cheeky to create a logo that imitates such quality. Don’t Worry, …

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Radio Show Promo

Bumper to my the radio show “The Noir Buzz”. It’ll feature juicy gossip incorporating noir lifestyle of our groups  characters.…

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House of Noir Logo

This is the logo I made for our radio show, House of Noir. The other members of my group included people in their logos and I wanted to do something simple and to the point. So I got searched house on google and copied it to paint and added OF …

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Noir at Night poster

For our radio show I decided to create this poster of smoke coming out of a handgun. I found this picture online and then used Picsart to at the text and a filter. As we talk about modern noir films and our cop characters host part of the show, I …

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Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

Our Design Poster for Radio Show:

This poster was designed by Sahar. We decided use this poster because it visually demonstrates all of the elements of noir. In the picture there is glamour, romance, surveillance, and drama. One of our ideas is talk about how certain movies and music showcases …

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NOIR At Night Promo

With the up coming radio show, i created a poster/promo for out show, NOIR At Night. Considering the title of our show is NOIR at night, I found a picture of lighting in a city at night. I searched through countless of pictures trying to find the perfect one.  At …

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