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I don’t know how to do this “nice” thing

It seems that I am supposed to commenting and giving words of encouragement/criticisms on other members assignments. One of the perks of being a sociopathic psychologist is I have the power to make people think I care. So I may have given you all positive comments, but I am actually …

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The Great Radio Reflection

Radio really turned out to be an exciting and fun project, I seriously lucked out in getting such a cool group to do it all with.  The core of the show was a live D&D adventure, so the bulk of the project was fun as hell when we played through …

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Dinner Party at 6 – Radio Listen / Live Tweet Along

On Thursday night I had the privilege in listening to the radio show Dinner Party at 6, and boy was it an interesting listen. Not only was it very creepy to say the least, but it caught my attention the whole way through, in an entertaining manner. I really enjoyed …

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Final Radio Show Reflection

As we near the end of our radio show projects, it is pretty easy to say that it was a small adventure for me, awkward at times yet really entertaining on the other end. I have to say that it was very rewarding to hear our own radio show (despite …

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I’m not going to lie, when I see we have readings and videos to watch, I always groan a little just because it is not as exciting as creating intense fake movie trailers or photoshopping Dr. Groom’s face on a movie poster. However, this week it was really interesting and …

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DS106 Radio week 2

This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that …

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