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sarah mustard

The Case of Walter Walters

Storify It (2 stars)

This is a Storify story of The Steadfast Sleuths missing persons case. It will be added to our portfolio on our website of cases we have worked on together. In order to create this article for our portfolio I used my Twitter account to create a …

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Double Trouble



Newspaper Design (3 Stars) 

I found this old news article that was published following the Shannon Mills case to add to our portfolio on our website. To create it, I found a template from online and worked off of that. I changed the name of the newspaper to …

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Hire Me!

Character Resume (3 Stars)

I decided to spend this morning updating my resume, so that I can use it to help create my bio on the staff page of our agency.

I found a template online and inserted my own information into it. I have really only been employed at …

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The Making of The Steadfast Sleuths Episode 2

Well, the Steadfast Sleuths are on the case again. Yesterday we were presented with a new case and this strange red-haired girl followed us around with a camera. Her voice sounded surprisingly like Shannon Mills, but I know that she is in prison. We have covered filming about half of …

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Sarah Mustard’s Q&A

Well, the other day I was told that these people from another agency called “noir106″ wanted to interview me for a case they were working on. I willingly agreed because I would never want to hinder anyone else’s investigation, but I have to say, I am not sure how any …

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