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Senior Project

Further Explanations of Experiences

I am writing this post in response to the following comment from my latest senior project post.


And could you talk more about ” I enjoyed gaining experience in ordering paint and managing other painters”. I would like to hear more about your experiences here.

Thank you,


During …

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The Final Stretch

I started the final stretch of this project on Sunday, April 5 and continued until Thursday when the show opened. We went in on Sunday originally to paint the floor while no one else was there. The plan changed once I got there and the floor was already painted. Instead …

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Rush to the Finnish

The week of March 30- April 3 I focused on more touchups, priming the floor, painting the panelling on Darlington’s wall, along with assigning other people painting jobs along the way. It was definitely difficult trying to contort myself into the crevasses between the front wall of the stage and …

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Painting On Stage: The Beginning

Yesterday I began applying paint to the set. It is always exciting bringing color to the world we are creating! I began by painting the pinkish cream on the back wall set piece. I believe this piece is the “ladies parlor” or something like that. After painting almost all of …

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Paint Inventory

I started this week off by calculating the amount of paint we will need for the show, getting quotes, and inventorying our current supply of what we need. I had a lot of trouble trying to calculate the amount of paint we were going to need. With help from Niffer, …

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Paint Samples

Last week after I color matched paint I began applying it to a sample of luan and styrofoam. After priming this piece Niffer asked if we could make the styrofoam look a little less styrofoamy. I went in the next day after the paint had dried and filed it down …

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Let the Painting Commence

Today I started making paint samples for Lady Widnermere. It was so nice getting back into scene painting. I started by color matching two different varieties of cream that Niffer was looking at. Bellow you can see the process I went through with some short narrative to accompany the pictures. …

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Senior Project Stage 2

Last week in my meeting with Niffer we talked about where to find gold paint, finding marble examples, and finding out how to wallpaper fabric to a wall. Below are the example of marble I thought fit her idea: light grey with maybe a touch of gold. It was difficult …

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Thoughts on Scenic Artists and Scenic Charges

In my first meeting with Niffer to discuss my senior project she asked me what I wanted to take away from this project and what I want to do after graduation in May. Both of these questions have been heavily weighing on me for the last few weeks. I knew …

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The Aesthetics: Wallpaper and Paint Research

My first task on my journey in my senior project was to research wallpaper for one of the wall panels along with finding the best gold paint for our money. I began this task by contacting Rosco Paints about getting possible paint chips and samples of their gold paints. I …

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