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See True Friends In My Eyes

“See True Friends In My Eyes,” by Talky Tina, on Flickr

It is just a nice Art that I made for The Daily Create TDC1111 (which is a lot of ones) but then again, I have a lot of ones which are my True Friends, and you can always See …

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Week Two Summary

Week two definitely went a lot better than week one did for me. I was able to post things without struggling to figure out how to do it. I also got the hang of how to do new things. I have really enjoyed seeing everyones tweets on twitter. I downloaded …

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The Daily Create: Make an eye selfie

The Daily Create Assignment for 1/23/2015 was to make an eye selfie. When I saw the assignment I was like make an eye selfie? Okay! So I got out my Nikon and started trying. It was a bit hard at first because I have never taken an eye selfie, but …

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Daily Create- Eye Selfie!

Here’s my eye selfie for today’s dailycreate. I usually wear glasses and my eyes are really small so in order to see my eyes, I had to take off my glasses and make my eyes as wide as I could. It was fun though. …

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