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Daily Create:Create Instructions for an everyday item

How to take out your contacts:

Step 1: Reach into the cabinet and grab both your contact container and contact solution.

Step 2: Wash your hands very thoroughly to kill all germs and bacteria that you DO NOT want in your eyes.

Step 3: Use a clean towel to dry …

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DC- How to wash your hands

Here are some easy steps to washing your hands.
1.) Walk to sink from wherever you are.
2.) Stand in front of sink
3.) Turn on faucet
4.) Pump soap into hands
5.) Extend hands underneath faucet
6.) Lather soap into hands with water for about 10-30 seconds
7.) Rinse …

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How To Wash Your Hair

Do you not know how to wash your hair?
Have you wondered for years if you’re doing it right but always been too embarrassed to ask?
Is your hair dirty?
Have you been washing your hair wrong your entire life?
Are you suffering at work or in private relationships due…

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21st Century NECESSITY

Today’s Daily Create (Sat, Jan 31) was to create instructions on an everyday item. Well, what is more everyday than an email?

Let’s just say I’ve spent the time at my gate waiting to board my plane productively!!…

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