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Daily Create

tdc1121: Ruin-porn photography today
Andre Govia describes himself as “addicted to decay.” Try it today!


Feb 2, 2015 – working on things for ds106  and not able to get far because of snow. Any decay around the house is under a foot of white stuff! So I …

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For this daily create we are supposed to take on the concept of ruin-porn photography. This type of photography focuses on the decline of buildings and capturing urban decay in the photograph. Since I don’t know of many buildings around Fredericksburg like this, I decided to make my own picture …

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Room—ugh no. “Decaying Room”

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but referring to things as, “item-porn” is not classy. It’s just weird and inappropriate. So I’m not tagging this with the original description, because I don’t want to look like another weirdo. Life By Savanna is a classy site, like San Diego. …

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