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Food Create

For this daily create I had to get a picture of me wearing my food. Now the assignment says I’m supposed to be wearing jewelry made of food and if you look at my picture, my mustache pretzel stick is clearly not jewelry. BUT if you look closely, you can …

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Daily Create- Tea Bag Bracelet

This isn’t food but it’s close. This was the only thing in my room that was remotely jewelry like. I found that using the ties could make an interesting bracelet.

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Food Play

tdc1134 – Play with Your Food: Create jewelry out of food and take a picture wearing it.

Not much in the pantry or fridge right now. Where are the fruit loops when you need them!

Considered a spinach leaf scarf – but needed it for dinner tonight!…

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Spidey Rocking The Pasta Bling…

The Daily Create – Play with your food.

For this daily create, I decided to make a pasta necklace. This was actually more difficult to create something interesting with so I decided to put on my Spider-Man mask. “Why?” You may ask yourself…The world may never know.…

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Daily Create 2/15/15: Food Jewelry

today’s daily create was to create some jewelry using real food. I made this one out of unraveled paracord and a raw egg. Spring is just around the corner, and the egg symbolizes spring, birth, and life. The egg rests in a  loose and frazzled hammock  symbolizing the fragility of …

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Apples to Oranges


I did today’s Daily Create, playing with your food. I took to the Sharpie and and drew little cartoon faces on the fruit. Because I can.…

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Daily Create 2-15-2015

I already completed my Daily Creates, but this one looked like fun and I did it.  We were supposed to make jewelry with food.  I used my two favorite candies to make a lovely necklace.

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