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Riley Gives Me “Support”

Riley has always been there for me. Whenever I’m down or I need guidance hes always there.

I decided to do the #heelconcept with my old, glazed, statue dragon, “Riley”. The concept was to use “everyday” items in this picture. But technically Riley has been in my room ever since …

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Daily Create- Towel Heel

For the daily create for Saturday, we were asked to make a heel out of something. There were a lot of things around the house I could have used but I wanted to do something I that I hadn’t seen others doing. I chose to fold one of my towels …

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A unique #heelconcept

This daily create ask to elevate your heel with an everyday object. I chose to use my daughter and her bat and ball. I thought that the colors would stand out. Especially with her hot pink socks. Unfortunately, I could not get the bat to stay on the ball, so …

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Heel Concept

Today’s Daily Create was to create a #heelconcept picture with an everyday object. I used a cup to emulate the heel in this photo.

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Just finishing my Saturday workout when #ds106 strikes! Oh no! A daily create! So I got a little creative and did calf-raise squats. Please excuse me while I ice my legs! They burn!!!!! #tkdproblems #workoutproblems #fitgirlproblems

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For my last daily create of the week, I had to take a photo of a unique #Heelconcept by elevating your foot on an everyday object as a heel.

I thought this turned out kinda ironic… foot inside a shoebox hah. I don’t think I have to explain the process …

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