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Wanna watch my dog hump me?!

For those of you that are here for the humping, scroll down to the youtube video and fast forwards to 5:30.

For the more boring folk, who decided to stick around, this project is actually for one of my daily creates. The daily create’s directions were to create a …

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Daily Creates!

My three lovely daily creates this week were the 5 Things that make you happy video, the Teal Blue and Orange, and the Scary Movie Trailer!

My first daily create took forever! I knew I wanted to do a slideshow video but for some reason YouTube was not collaborating so …

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What Scares Me

I hope you enjoyed my little video. Vimeo is a real jerk and wouldn’t allow me to upload again, so here is the video right here (if it is not working on my account):



So yeah, I will never tell anyone my biggest fears. I’ve seen Lifetime movies—I …

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Horror Trailer

Today’s Daily Create was a bit challenging! The task was to make a movie trailer of our fear. Since I am not very good at video editing, this made it more challenging for me. Also, who really wants to make a video about their fear?

For mine, I did the …

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What Really Scares You?

So I decided to do this daily create because I love watching trailers. I’m one of those people that have to be at the movie theaters way before the trailers even start so I know I’ll be able to see them. Anyways, I’m not to sure what this movie would …

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