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The Daily Create: My different sides

The Daily Create Assignment for Tuesday 3-10-2015 was to show different sides of yourself and put them into a photo collage.

I used pic stitch to put two photos together. I used a picture of my front side and one of my back side so I think I took the …

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*Insert Mulan Reference Here*

I know, I know. I’m late coming to the party with Daily Create posts. I completed the create the day it was due, I just didn’t have a chance to actually make a post about it until today.

This one was about “multiple sides of yourself” or something like that. …

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different abstracts of groom

the 3 daily creates i did this week were, the different sides of yourself, abstract art of your favorite moment of the past week, and the ransom note if jim groom were kidnapped.

the first one was the different sides of me. For this daily create i chose to depict …

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My Different Sides

Today’s Daily Create was to show our different sides with pictures. I took two photos of my Uncle Don and I. One from when I was really little and one from last summer at my cousins wedding. Here are the two compared:

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My Different Sides

This daily create was to show the different sides of me. I used publisher to do this collage because I did not have access to photoshop when I was doing this. I picked several pictures of myself and cropped them together. One is from when I was 3 and all …

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Daily Create 3/10/15: My Different Sides

I used photoshop to create this composite self portrait.

jQuery(“#flickr_multime_8696”).data(“options”,{“caption”:true,”desc”:false,”auto”:false,”pause”:5000,”speed”:500,”mode”:”fade”,”dynamic”:true,”dynamicEl”:[{“thumb”:””,”src”:””,”caption”:”Self Portrait”}]});

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I Play With Dead Blowfish

Today’s Daily Create:

Show us different sides of yourself and put them together into one final collage.

Here is my collage.


Me and my main squeeze Pierre.

Me holding a dead blowfish in my boss shirt.

Me as a princess…aka me in my natural state

Me turning 22 with …

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Daily Create: Muggle-Born, Gryffindor Proud.

Summers and summers ago when I was feeling lonely and a little bit blue, I decided to combat my haze-y daze by channeling my inner Marilyn and having an impromptu photoshoot in my kitchen. The caption under the Instagram collage that I posted that day reads one of my favorite …

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