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Mail Art

Today’s Daily Create was to make a piece of art out of mail. Although mine is simple, I liked the meaning I had behind it. I had these thank you cards from different friends hung up in my room. A lot of the time, it’s really easy for me to …

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Soccer and Owls…doesn’t get much better than that

So I have chosen and completed my two daily creates that were required for this week and here they are…

I chose Monday’s daily create which was to “draw a stairway to your biggest dream and write what it’ll take to get there on each step.” I chose to do …

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Stairs and Cycles

The two daily creates I did for this week were Monday’s staircase to your dream and Wednesday’s Recycle your Junk Mail into art.

For Monday’s stair case to your biggest dream, I chose to do graduating. Right now graduation is my primary goal. In order to reach graduation I need …

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Daily Create 3-18-2015

The objective of this daily create was to use junk mail to create art.  I  used an advertisement for a gardening company and made a collage of all the things I would like to have on my farm. Then I uploaded it on Flickr.  Here is my creation

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