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This daily Create was to take a picture that has an artsy blur. The picture that I used is one that my parents took during my game this weekend. It was not intentionally supposed to be blury but I think that it came out pretty cool looking. It can also …

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Arty Blur Photo

Today’s Daily Create was to create an “Arty Blur Photo.” This was a pretty simple task, but I wasn’t sure what would look good as a blurry photo (bc pictures aren’t supposed to be blurry). I began by thinking about lighting. The lighting in a photo can determine a lot …

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What a Blur

For today’s daily create I had to take a picture with a blur. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera that can take pictures with a blur option. I tried it with my phone and moving it quickly but it didn’t really work right. So what I did was I found …

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Shutter speed Pro

It seems like winter doesn’t want to let go this year! An hour ago, and while I was outside with friends in this cold weather, we decided to have BBQ for dinner. While we were outside setting up the place and the starting up fire I decided to take this …

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Arty Blur photo

This daily create was interesting. I took a picture of the carpet at work.  It looked like scales of a snake to me. I was moving around when I took the picture. Here is the blur and the non blurred pictures.

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Daily Create 3/19/2015

This daily create was to create blurry art.  I had a hard time getting my camera to do anything blurry.  This is a picture of my sons, the car was moving, they were moving and I finally got a blurry shot.

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Flower Power, Bitches

So for today’s daily create I took a wobbly- i mean”artistic”- picture of some flowers I currently have on my kitchen table. I dunno. Doesn’t really look like flowers, but I think the image is still pretty so I rolled with it.

I think it’d be a cool base for …

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