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Batman has problems with breakfast

For my 3 daily creates this week, I did breakfast selfie, 15 seconds batman, and made an inspirational poster with words I have said.

The breakfast selfie includes two chocolate chip eggo waffles as eyes, a pop-tart package nose, and a banana mouth. These are all framed by a frying …

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A selfie with batman and a tree?

This week we, once again, had to complete 3 daily creates.  The three I chose for this week are as follows…

1. Take a Breakfast Selfie: take a selfie of your breakfast. I did just that. I found some yogurt cups in my fridge, a k-cup on my counter and …

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BK Selfie


Here is my very fancy healthy breakfast meal. I’m going through a strict diet. I need to include greens and veggies and cut down carbs. As you noticed in the picture I have one piece of wheat bird and an egg with fat free cheese, and a tabulla. I …

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Daily Create 3-23-2015

This Daily create was to take a selfie of your breakfast.  I did this with my cell phone and uploaded the picture to flickr.  Here is my Breakfast.

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Most Important Meal of the Day!

For today’s daily create, I took inspiration from that sponge bob episode where mr krabs tries to scare the drinking hat off of sponge bob with a ghost drawn on the back of a shopping list.

What a classic. Truly inspirational. I could only find this really crappy clip to …

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