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15 Second Batman

Another Daily create that I did was one that i had to draw batman in 15 seconds. This was rather challenging as I had to reach back into my Elementary school memory for a little bit. It turned out looking like a child drew it, but hey, I had 15 …

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Drawing Batman

On Tuesday, we had to draw Batman in 15 second. I got a pencil and a paper and went to town. Good thing it was a relatively slow day and I could spare 15 seconds. Hope you like my Batman.

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Batman has problems with breakfast

For my 3 daily creates this week, I did breakfast selfie, 15 seconds batman, and made an inspirational poster with words I have said.

The breakfast selfie includes two chocolate chip eggo waffles as eyes, a pop-tart package nose, and a banana mouth. These are all framed by a frying …

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A selfie with batman and a tree?

This week we, once again, had to complete 3 daily creates.  The three I chose for this week are as follows…

1. Take a Breakfast Selfie: take a selfie of your breakfast. I did just that. I found some yogurt cups in my fridge, a k-cup on my counter and …

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15 (30) Second Batman

Today’s Daily Create was to create a drawing of Batman in 15 seconds…this was really hard. I’m a terrible drawer. This took me longer than 15 seconds (sorry I cheated).

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Na-Na-Na-Na I Wonder If Batman Likes Bananas

For today’s daily create I made a 15 second drawing of something batman related. So, here you go! For 15 seconds, I don’t think this is half bad. But that’s just me.

But for real though do you think Batman likes bananas cause his theme certainly sounds like “bananas”.

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15 Sec. Batman


I did this in 15 seconds but I have no idea why I did the hands and legs like that! I guess I was trying to be quick to make sure I get everything. I did a good job in terms of the face mask. I noticed I missed …

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Daily Create- 15 second Batman

This daily create was to take 15 seconds and draw Batman. I decided to go ahead and get this one done while I was taking a quick break. I don’t think it is that bad, but I could have done better.



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