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Another daily create that I did this week was an inspiration poster using words that I have said. I used a picture of one of my roomates and added my famous words “Get your shit together!” into it. I used paint to add the words. It can be found here. 

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Batman has problems with breakfast

For my 3 daily creates this week, I did breakfast selfie, 15 seconds batman, and made an inspirational poster with words I have said.

The breakfast selfie includes two chocolate chip eggo waffles as eyes, a pop-tart package nose, and a banana mouth. These are all framed by a frying …

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Motivational Poster

Today’s Daily Create was to make a motivational poster. However, the words that accompanied the picture needed to be our own words. I took a picture of my team after a big win last season and added some encouraging words. There will never be an “I” in “team” and a …

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Life Matters

Corner Pocket here, I don’t know why I’m stuck doing this assignment, I quit school awhile back… But anyways, for this daily create I had  to create a words of wisdom inspirational poster. Usually I would say something like “get money, get paid” but I’m trying to win my girl …

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I want to be ME!


what made me choose this to be my quote is how much I think about what I should do, how should act, and what I should wear, what I can buy and can’t, ect. I need to put an end to being worried what people will think of me …

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You’re Burning My Biscuits

For today’s daily create we were to create a motivational poster of our own design.

Personally, I have always wanted to look at someone, deadpan, and say…

“You’re burning my biscuits here, bro.”

Unfortunately, whenever the opportunity arises, I either forget to say it or chicken out and afterwards I’m …

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