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For this daily create I had to make tree art. Who the heck makes tree art when you could be playing pool??? anyways, as a kid I had always liked to catch stuff on fire. So I found this picture and wanted it to catch on fire as well. So …

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Daily Create- Tree Art

This daily create was to use a tree to make art. I found a picture of an old tree. Using photoshop, I distorted the tree image by using the distort features of shear, spherize, and pinch. I like the way the tree came out.

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Tree Art….Challenge Accepted

So I didn’t want to be that weirdo……taking photos of trees on campus… I was looking through my old pics, and decided hey this is artsy fartsy! Let’s do it.


So this is my happy place in Miami! The trees shape the patio in a really artistic way. So …

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A selfie with batman and a tree?

This week we, once again, had to complete 3 daily creates.  The three I chose for this week are as follows…

1. Take a Breakfast Selfie: take a selfie of your breakfast. I did just that. I found some yogurt cups in my fridge, a k-cup on my counter and …

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Daily Create: Tree Art

Tree Art … I didn’t even know that was a thing but apparently when it comes to this strangely satisfying class known as DS106, anything and everything is a “thing”.

I have always been one to love a good challenge (one of the few things I do love), but I …

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