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Finger Paint art

One of the daily creates that I did this week was the finger paint art. This was fairly simple but creative. I put marker on my finger and the pressed it onto the paper. I then marked around it making it the shape of a ball the I drew laces …

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Zebra+Fingerprint=Zebra Print

For this daily create, they were trying to get me to make art around my fingerprint. Do you think Corner Pocket is that stupid to put his fingerprint on the internet for everyone to see?? Heck no, so here’s what I did. I found some scrub’s fingerprint on the internet. …

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I made art

Today’s Daily Create was really fun! The task was to make a piece of art (dammit) with our fingerprint. I immediately thought of my childhood and how we would always do little things with our thumbprints. So, I colored my thumbs with markers and then made a caterpillar out of …

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Daily Create- Finger art

This daily create was to use your Finger print to make an artful picture.  I dipped my finger in an ink pad to make the flower and the different colored pens for the rest. The first one is of the regular coloring. The second one is using the noir style …

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#noir106 Cat print

Daily Create 1174 – Create Finger Print Art

The biggest challenge was no ink pads or easy way to make a finger print in a time restricted way….so I pulled out 53 Paper on my iPad and made digital finger prints – not as much detail as I would like …

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