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For this daily create I had to edit a photo of Noddy being saved. But first I have a couple of questions 1. Who the heck is Noddy? I’ve never heard of this little dude. And 2. Who throws a perfectly good doll in the trash? Maybe the person who …

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Today’s Daily Create was to save Noddy from the dumpster. After saving him, he hungout with his Stepbrothers.

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Daily Create 4-3-2015

This Daily Create was to save Noddy.  I saved him and brought him to my house.  I think he liked it.  I used Gimp to do this.  I’m really trying to get used to this program.

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Save Noddy!

While I was walking on Brooklyn after a late night practice, I was overwhelmed with a crazy week of work and lack of sleep I looked up and I saw Noddy falling from one of the buildings :O I was shucked! In the beginning I thought it was just me …

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