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The Winter Association

The Winter Association: Lookalikes

I thought it would be a good visual assignment to show what each member of The Association looks like. Since, unlike many of my ds106ers, I’ve created entirely new characters, I thought this would be perfect. I’ve been writing about them but I’ve never actually shown what they look like. …

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Arnold Winter’s Pinterest Page

I did the You’re A Pinteresting Character assignment (two stars) for the leader of The Winter Association, Arnold Winter. It’s full of things that interest him and what he enjoys researching. I also added some personal things that explain why he is the way he is. They’ll be spoilers if …

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A Meeting With Winter

Ok. I actually created this assignment just so I could have a writing assignment that would be able to expand upon The Winter Association. :3

Marcus let out a tired sigh, hand moving to scratch the back of his head. He had to admire the Association for their atmospherics. …

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We Exist

We Exist And Thrive Here. Join Us. For Utopia Cannot Be Formed While Those Of Darker Intentions Exist.

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The Winter Association’s Banner

I made this banner from a wallpaper of a cat’s eyes. I them colored over them to make them even darker but not entirely gone. I chose this particular font for the Association because while thoroughly insane, they’re very classy.


It is rather simple but the group is not …

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