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Tom’s Files

Tom’s Files: Lenny’s Wallet

Well, I’m back again, your ole pal Tom.

I bet you’re wondering why a hardened gumshoe like me is bothering with all of this writing. Truth is, the doctor says if I don’t find a way to express myself, I’ll be dead before I’m fifty. Doc says the easiest way …

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Tom’s Files: Influential Music

Back in my music loving days artists didn’t put albums together so much as they worked at creating top singles, so we will have to work with that.

It does seem a bit silly for a grown man to write about what sorts of music helped form him and all, …

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Bio Unlocked: Tom Blair

Tom Blair was born on January 14th-Humphrey Bogart’s death date-in the year 1915. He is 48 years old as of this day in 1963.
He shares one important trait with author Earnest Hemingway: they were both born in Oak Park, Illinois.
In 1938, Tom married a woman named Lenny, at …

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